Searching For Bart Davenport

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Bart Davenport releases an album of cover songs dear to his heart. Davenport grew up in California, devoured his hippie parents' vinyl collection, and learned to play guitar at 8 years old. He was the frontman for The Loved Ones and The Kinetics. His first solo album Bart Davenport came out in 2002. He has toured with Kings Of Convenience and opened for many of his heroes, including Arthur Lee, Robyn Hitchcock, Jonathan Richman and John Lee Hooker. His second solo album Game Preserve came out in 2003 and Maroon Cocoon followed in 2005. The absolutely brilliant Palaces came out in 2008. Bart is also the singer of Honeycut. One of California's coolest songwriter/performers, this is a totally fab collection of tracks. "At the turn of the century I found myself at a crossroads, transforming from axe-less frontman into solo voyager. I clearly was a singer already but I also wanted to write. I spent days, months, years cocooning, trying to become a songwriter. Time flew by, and eventually I re-emerged with a handful of decent tunes and lyrics. I've been fortunate to have so many friends around, musicos who've helped me record those little gems. I've performed on what feels like a thousand stages and often, out of pragmatism, I'm alone up there. Also, along the way, I've taken to performing the songs of my heroes. That these cover versions should fit so seamlessly into one of my sets could be seen as living proof of just how derivative my own music is. If that's true, I'm not bothered by it. In performance, I tend to forget which ones are mine and which ones are theirs. I forget where the songwriter ends and the singer begins. Or perhaps I've been trying subconsciously to reveal my influences for a long, long time." Searching For Bart Davenport is the musical chronicle of an artist seeking his soul with words from others made into his own. Songs by Broadcast, Kings Of Convenience, Caetano Veloso, Sandycoates, The Incredible String Band, Bridget St. John, Love/Arthur Lee, David Byrne, Bert Jansch, Jackson C. Frank, The Changes, and Gil Scott-Heron.