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Drift. is the project of London based artist Nathalie Bruno. Starting in 2015, her debut EP Black Devotion was released on the Italian label Avant! Records. After playing a range of diverse shows in UK and Europe and the release of the second EP, Genderland in 2017, she locked herself in her East London studio to assimilate a new set of influences that synthesized in what became Symbiosis, her first full-length record. "The seed for Symbiosis was sewn after having picked up a book from a charity shop by chance in Finsbury Park, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab. It really struck a chord inside and brought on a deep exploration of myself and the world I was seeing form around me. As a form of therapy, I set myself the target of finishing an album by the end of the year, I didn't know what or how but I knew I didn't want it to be compiled of 'singles' and had envisioned songs weaving together, forming a subtle message as a whole yet to not be a 'concept album' as such. I was attracted to sounds, in any form; classical music, '70s electronic pioneers like Harmonia, Cluster, Faust, New York's tape experimentalists, the avant-pop landscapes of Chris & Cosey to John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Kate Bush, and Broadcast: all resonated with me a greatly whilst I devoured any form of literature or films that came my way by suggestion or by chance and stored every word and every image in a little box somewhere up there. I let it come out in its own time by revisiting old songs I had recorded over the years, until I started molding new sounds from old ones, cut ups of synth jams done alone, field recordings from my phone to use as samples -- Eventually it was all starting to make sense. The name itself came to me from reading a book of William Burroughs. The word 'symbiosis' had never been in my vocabulary before, which is strange now as it's a word that pops up all the time. It represented a whole variety of interpretations, from the content in each song, to the process of finishing the record, to how I felt in general and towards the world. The cover-artwork which is a masterpiece in my opinion, was done by Jack Smith."