K.I.M is the first ever mixture of album and compilation including a superb reprise of the Smiths' 'Meat is Murder' by K.I.M themselves amongst Edith Piaf, Larry Levan, Gun Club or Psychic TV. The whole is mixed in a unique manner by this enthralling studio half of which is constituted by Joakim of Fantômes (Versatile Records) fame. "K.I.M. is an activist vegetarian consortium composed of Flokim Lucas and Jimi Bazzouka. Bazzouka once was a well known anti-capitalist militant, responsible for a painstaking tide of bombing of several institutional buildings in the United States and his past involvement with guerilla warfare in places such as Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico. Turning his back on a cruel row of bitter fights, unnecessary violence and desultory politics, Bazzouka found a new establishment as gardener in the Icelandic hippie compound of Vik amongst the K.I.M.-fellow community. K.I.M. is an acronym originally created to illustrate the philosophy and way of life of community father figure and German celebrity recloose Ulrich Vordstrom. K.I.M. fellow members recognize him as Kern.Im.Mordsee, a beacon of inspiration who edicted the ways of the K.I.M., a series of precepts and know-hows that by contractual agreement with Tigersushi records shall remain quite obscure and kept undecipherable to the masses. According to biographic information forwarded by various sources, Bazzouka was sent to set up a sub-division of the K.I.M. community in the south of France where he met Flokim Lucas, a Korean refugee and the community;s librarian and caretaker of the plentiful of records assembled through various errand jobs and garage sales. Despite the toil and work inducted by the extensive development of the south-K.I.M. orchard, Bazzouka and Lucas allegedly decided to vest the riteously enormous profits derived from the side-of-the-road-sale of take away melons into an album mixing their own music with their favorite songs by other artists like Arthur Lyman, Edith Piaf, Larry Levan or the Gun Club. This record was deemed benevolent enough to be left out to Tigersushi records. Although Bazzouka and Lucas undertook not to include and subliminal messages and/or propaganda in the above mentioned recording, Tigersushi records hereby waives any responsibility whatsoever as to possible consequences to a long exposure to K.I.M. music might trigger." Artists: Soloman Islands, Arthur Lyman, Francois de Roubaix, K.I.M, Wevie Stonder, Edith Piaf, Moondog, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Max de Wardener, I Wayne Sadra, Asa Chang and Junray, Joubert Singers, Pierre Bastien, Psychic TV, Gun Club.