Life Partners

TW 1057CD TW 1057CD

"There are some stories where every girl has a movie star face and a dirty book body. There are some stories where every guy can be God if he has the balls to stand there with 30 friends and strut around. The lives of the Life Partners are as lurid and unwitting as their music is gaudy and crude. Two boys, one blond and one brunette, went on a road trip to Texas with 250 dollars all in ones. They listened to the same Marty Robbins record over and over all the way across the state. They saw a pig get shot. They visited a hall covered in mirrors and commemorating the fame of Oral Roberts. By the time they came home they knew their American experience had made them partners for life, so they called themselves the Life Partners. The first thing they decided to do was start a fake band that would pass its recordings off as improvisations by 1970s Jamaican teen punks whose Dads. All worked at an army base. They recruited a girl who was obsessed with classical pianist Glenn Gould and wanted the brunette to marry her. Then they met a fantastic Canadian metal guitarist who was also the champ of his roller-hockey team, even though his dream was to play ice-hockey. The boys asked him to play drums, and the band was complete. An instant hit among the happening music scenesters around town, they play in the basements, the record stores, the abandoned warehouses, and the dive bars all over Boston. Their fans include dope-fiends who sell stolen VCRs out of the backs of cars, record collectors with restraining orders against them, art-school dropouts with misgivings about hygiene, and more. The Life Partners now have a record which conjures the ghosts of James Chance, the Collins Kids, and the Electric Eels, but ultimately sounds not quite like anyone else."