In Dreams


LP version. Colored vinyl. Includes CD. Hydrogen Sea's debut album In Dreams is the next chapter in the band's intriguing story. On their first full length, they reconcile the electronic with the acoustic in eleven stunning pop songs. Hydrogen Sea is Birsen Uçar and Pieterjan Seaux's musical lovechild. The band formed in 2011, four years after these night owls united. When night falls and the city settles down, they start composing. Multi-instrumentalist, Seaux, is the creator of Hydrogen Sea's "slow motion techno" and its intoxicating melodies. He particularly has a knack for blending layered electronic elements with acoustic instruments. Uçar is the vocalist and writes the lyrics. She longs to translate stories into music while creating a cinematic atmosphere. Birsen aims to captivate her beholders and to absorb them completely. The band's debut EP Court The Dark came out on Unday Records in 2014. The vinyl release sold out in no time. The two of them also joined Selah Sue, Gabriel Rios, Oscar And The Wolf and Joan As Policewoman on tour. They played over 100 shows in New York, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Hydrogen Sea worked hard, hired a drummer and grew into an impressive three piece live band. They wrote, explored, and developed their distinctive sound. In the shadow of their work for Hydrogen Sea, the band members collaborate with other artists, such as Selah Sue. In 2016, it's time for the next chapter. They recorded In Dreams at Joris Caluwaerts's (STUFF.) studios in Antwerp and finished it in Glasgow with Tony Doogan as additional producer and mixer. The Scottish maestro is best known for his work for the likes of Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne and Minor Victories. Birsen's vocals evoke Little Dragon, Azure Ray or L'altra. The compositions are entrancing and gloomy, the bass lines are reminiscent of Massive Attack and Portishead. If In Dreams were a photo, it would be taken at slow shutter speed. Hydrogen Sea's debut is a glimpse into their nocturnal dream world, mysterious and lushly arranged. Welcome to their universe.