Ravioli Me Away/Or


Here's a new installment in Upset The Rhythm's split LP series, that's previously seen Gary War, Purple Pilgrims, Please and Spin Spin The Dogs swap sides most recently. This record teams up like-mindedly loopy, art-damaged Londoners Ravioli Me Away and Dog Chocolate. Inspired by an evening when both bands performed at London's DIY-hub Power Lunches, this LP came together through mutual appreciation, as well as gastronomic necessity. Ravioli Me Away are a dangerously ambitious and delusional all-girl jazzy, post-pop-punk, hip-funk outfit with a stylistic theme spanning all past, present and future human cultures and subcultures. Consider vintage Bananarama played with twice the sass and urgency, only reflected in the eyes of a much-overworked and downright exhausted Julie Burchill on acid. Featuring members of Plug and the aforementioned Spin Spin The Dogs, Ravioli Me Away don't shy away from the impeccable vocal melodies and clattersome hooks you'd expect. "Mic Check" is as hypnotic as it is sparse with plaintive keyboard touches and interplaying vocals that gambol across the drum machine. "Cat Call" is a triumph of questing bass lines and eerie synth blushes, locked down by Sian's charismatic choruses and Alice's asides. Dog Chocolate are an elasticated, punk quartet based on the principles of self-propulsion and having too much fun. Jono plays a couple of drums, Matthew plays a guitar and a load of pedals, Rob plays another guitar and sings selected songs while Andrew sings most of the songs and plays impressionistic blasts of keyboard when he's not. Or sees the band sprint through 10 tracks of barely-controlled chaotic glee. Never dwelling for long, Dog Chocolate treat us to songs about pregnancy, poisoned eyes, public transport, and cakes. Their observational, often candid lyrics match their nonsensical attitude to their music, too, which tumbles and chases pitch-shifted guitars through thick forests of feedback and blasting drums. Dog Chocolate/Ravioli Me Away makes for a winning split LP, showcasing London's glorious underground. Limited to 500 copies on 180 gram black-n-green vinyl with printed insert and dual sleeve.