Upon You Diary No. 2

UY 002CD UY 002CD

Even after the success of Diary No. 1 -- Upon You's first CD label compilation -- it was clear that the Berlin crew wasn't through with their adventures and had every intention to keep documenting them. With nearly 70 releases in their catalog and with recurring label nights held in their hometown's top clubs (Berghain/Panorama Bar and Watergate), Upon You felt it was time to make another full-length statement in the form of Diary No. 2, compiling 12 new, exclusive tracks, showing the label's wide sonic spectrum within the realm of techno and house music. But this isn't just some uninspired victory lap. Whereas the first edition was curated by Marco Resmann (who co-runs Upon You along with Hawks Grunert), this time the honor goes to DJ/producer Marcus Meinhardt, a core member of the Upon You artistry and bookings roster as well as co-founder of the legendary HomeSweetHome party series in Berlin. Another core difference here is that while the first compilation focused solely on their own home-grown talent, this sequel invites some international like-minded friends in on the action -- such as Mark Henning, Douglas Greed, The Glitz, Melohman, Javi Bora, Santorini and RifRaf -- in addition to regulars like Gunnar Stiller, Pele and ONNO & Marcus Gehring. From pristine pulsations to clattering percussion, from warm timbres to frigid synths, Diary No. 2 covers all the bases, in line with the rich past of techno and house, but clearly without any retro fetishism. Douglas Greed sets the tone with the seductive opener "Sense," featuring the demure Delhia de France while RifRaf contributes the fuzzy, buggy "Down From Heaven" which demands the fog machine be cranked up to 11. One of the compilation's highlights is the first collaboration between Marco Resmann and Emerson Todd, the bewitching "Cursed," which seems to melt sine waves until they evaporate in the air. In between more spartan and darker moments, The Glitz and Nico Stojan lighten the mood with their respective looney tunes "Orange Blossom" -- which would definitely make it into Woody Woodpecker's DJ bag -- and "Inflagranti" -- the kind of track that makes you think you have 5.1 ears on your head. And of course, tastemaker Meinhardt wouldn't neglect to include himself, here bringing a slice of colorful, synthetic Tropicalia titled "Splash." Finally, up-and-coming duo Melohman & Javi Bora close out the collection on a graceful, somber note with the operatic "Moldavia."