Island Broadcast


Island Broadcast is the fourth LP from FM Belfast. Broadcasting from their home on a remote island, you can sense that the tracks are personal. The album has 11 tracks, 11 intimate stories to dance to. It's like you've been invited to a Cabin Fever Dance Party in their living room. The lyrics are about bliss, euphoria, trying to be a human in this strange world, friendship, of loss and growing up. The first song of the album "All My Power" deals with guilt. There are two characters in the song. One is a blamer while the other one is being blamed. "Follow Me" song is about a person who is no longer blind to the world around her. It's about taking responsibility for your choices. Being kind is not the same as being naive. "Enjoy" is about not watching the world go by without having a good time. The night is the best time for procrastination, you can hide in the dark and nobody can see you waste your life. "Up All Night" captures this feeling. Like many songs on the album, "Agent" is about holding your head above water in this strange world. It's easy to get blindsided and lost, but who's going to speak up for the weak if you don't do it. The lyrics for "You're So Pretty" originally come from a short story written by Lóa. They are about getting old without maturing. The song is about being restless and broke. "Streamers" is a quiet love-story about having found the person you want to sit next to for the rest of your life and watch crappy TV together. "Leave A Mark" is a personal reminder to do something about the life you are given and not waste time; Even if things are not great today, there is always tomorrow. It doesn't have to be important, it could just be writing your name on a wall. "Fearless Youth" is a nostalgic song about being a fearless adolescent and the friends you used to have. The lyrics are written by Örvar who's also a founding member of MúM. "Strobe" is an atmospheric track. It's made for people who want to dance in a euphoric bliss. "The Game" tells you to resist the power of bad people and bad governments. There's a big game being played and you don't need to participate, you can resist.