Watergate 14

WG 014CD WG 014CD

The soul behind the new Watergate compilation belongs to a dedicated DJ and house-enthusiast: Mathias Kaden attends to number 14 and gives proof not only of his technical finesse but also of his ability to combine contemporary releases with evergreen classics. He is always confident in his intuition and ability to freak out any crowd, no matter what time or location he plays. All the same with his own productions. He released his debut album Studio 10 on the Berlin-based label Vakant in 2009, alongside EPs on Freude Am Tanzen and recently also Desolat. That Kaden has a lot of love to spread is also being reflected in the compilation's dreamy prelude for which he elected one of this summer's ear-catchers: DJ Koze's and Apparat's "Nices Wölkchen." After some minutes, a relentless old-school vibe sneaks in, which finds an early peak in Ron Trent's "Kids at Play." Between two exclusive tracks from Rodriguez Jr. and Marco Resmann, Kaden proves that there must be a rhythm-machine beating behind his chest. In the middle, the mix rattles with Alejandro Paz' "El House" against its proper destination: house music without compromises. The last third develops an endearing atmosphere, to which Watergate contributes two more exclusive tracks. Mathias Kaden's personal farewell is named "Fin" -- but before he keeps silent, Daniel Stefanik with "Distillery" delivers the closing remarks in an exclusive edit for this CD. With this Watergate comp Kaden has achieved an energetic and elegant mix with repeat potential. Other artists include: Merveille & Crosson, Alix Alvarez, Audio Werner, Daze Maxim, Ricardo Villalobos, Emanuel Satie, Motorcity Drum Ensemble, Moodymann, Christian Burkhardt, The Mole, DJ Sprinkles, Tapesh & Maximiljan, Roman Flügel, Todd Terry & Simone Vitullo, Vjuan Allure, and Kink & Marc Romboy.