Watergate 24

WG 024CD WG 024CD

It's time again to add another sonic journey to the Watergate mix series catalog. For this endeavor the label have enlisted one of the scene's brightest shining stars and club mainstay; Jimi Jules. Not one to be confined to a single facet, Jules's prowess as a bonafide selector is equally comparable to his skills as a producer and both are on full display here as the mix is made up twenty-one tracks, thirteen of them being Jules's own, whether they be originals, remixes, or special edits made especially for this compilation. The mix begins with Jimi Jules exclusive "Gare De Lion" which sets the tone for a warm and lush ride before breaking into subtle but groove heavy tracks from Porn Sword Tobacco and Keope. Without notice the pace picks up with another couple exclusives from the man himself. His collaboration with Domenico Ferrari "Parkuhr" and his own "Abandoned Soul" bookend Jimi's remix of Frankey & Sandrino's "Way Of The Sun" where the mix gains a playful momentum before taking a bit more serious tone. Another two exclusives, Lil' Tony's remix of Life On Planets and Jules's own remix of Quarion introduce the classic "IZ-US" from Aphex Twin providing a gorgeous wash to set the stage for more energetic moments as heard on Jules's remix of Upercent's "Pulsacions". As the second half of the mix emerges, more exclusive material quickens the stride and an ethereal quality comes forefront. Azimute's "We Are The Sound" (Trippy Version) and Quarion's "The Greater Of Two Evils" are layered together creating a uniquely trippy tune which expertly lays the path for Jules & Jesaya's "+4BPM Update" of Âme's unforgettable "119 BPM". Digging back into his own catalog, Jimi pulls out his highly successful "Equinox" track and keeps the groove and vibe steamy with his exclusive remix of Egopusher's "Flake" and his own "Midnight Juggernaut" before diving into the deep "First Snow" from DJ Koze. Sliding into the closure of the mix, Jules plunges into the deep with his exclusive remix of Kalabrese's "Feeding Me", featuring Khan and Rippertons's stunning "Meteorythme", before finally ending with his absolutely stunning "Interstellar Interpretation" of his and Lee Jones original "Lines", featuring Fink. Also features ED ED, Petja Virikko, Jinadu.