Without A Bark


"Not many artists like to take risks these days. Laying one's soul bare is a rarity. Enik, from Munich, is one of those rare artists who expects a lot of his listeners, who does not hide behind empty gestures, who chooses to share with us the depths of his soul beyond any narcissistic tendencies. Without A Bark is his first solo effort, six songs which defy indifference. His name is familiar thanks to his contribution to Funkstoerung's Disconnected, the Rosenheim electronic visionaries' recently released album, helping them shape a pièce de resistance of classic song and melody around roughly-hewn soundscapes. Whilst Enik has been making music since the tender age of 13, the decision to concentrate entirely on his creative output (a poetry volume is in the making) fell around the turn of the century. 'I set up a studio in the cellar and started working earnestly on songs. Within a year, I had around a hundred... In spite of such zeal, the 23 year old multi-instrumentalist was rather more hesitant when it came to making his work public. It was Chris De Luca and Michael Fakesch from Funkstörung who dug him out of the orchestra pit of Munich's Phatos Theatre and were instantly won over by his talent. Small wonder, as the six unique songs on Without A Bark testify. Tracks like 'Micro Ocean' or 'How To Destroy' set / let the mind run free as melody lines break up in the deconstructionist manner of Tom Waits. 'This is too intense' Enik sings on 'Chaos The Drug' . How right he is. 'Tom Waits is an inspiration, David Bowie as well, of course. In fact everything I've ever listened to, from Michael Jackson to Georg Kreisler, has influenced me in some way.' Enik is fine with being a loner, and yet...'I'm sure I'll get together more musicians for my album, there's definitely something to be gained by working with other artists. I love having a band for live shows, just me and a laptop isn't as much fun'. He did have some help on Without A Bark, particularly from Hans Tauschek, who arranged the strings and co-wrote three of the songs. 'At the moment, he's the only person I let near my material. We're on the same wavelength'."