WPCR 722 WPCR 722

Japanese-only reissue from 1996 of this classic 1979 UK release. Originally issued by Radarscope, this CD includes the A-side of their first single, "She Is Beyond Good And Evil". The Pop Group were: Gareth Sager, Bruce Smith, Mark Stewart, Simond Underwood and John Waddington. Historic production handled by Dennis Bovell (ala the Slits debut album). "When The Pop Group first came onto the scene in late 1978 they were being hailed in the UK press as one of the saviours of rock and roll, and with good reason as the group's music made almost everything being created at the time seem old hat over night. The Pop Group's debut single 'She Is Beyond Good and Evil' released in 1979 was an instant classic and one of the landmark recordings of the 1970's, it was a seething tense piece of aggressive funk/punk/dub/free jazz that demanded attention. It sounded like nothing in the world at the time of it's release and gave me the same feeling as when I heard Public Image Ltd.'s first single, it seemed to hint at endless possibilities for rock and roll. After playing Y you wonder how the group ever hoped to top it, they never did, but their second album (We Are Time) was great as well but just not as good as Y, few albums are. The Pop Group finished in 1981 and splintered into groups like Rip, Rig and Panic, The New Age Steppers and most importantly Mark Stewart and Mafia; Stewart really carried the flame from the original Pop Group and much of his work with Mafia is on par with the best of The Pop Group yet his records have been totally ignored." -- Dave Furgess (from Julian Cope's Headheritage). Tracklisting: She is Beyond Good and Evil, Thief of Fire, Snowgirl, Blood Money, We Are Time, Savage Sea, Words Disobey Me, Don't Call Me Pain, The Boys From Brazil, Don't Sell Your Dreams.