Out Of The Cage

XRP 1602LP XRP 1602LP

LP version. Two brothers songwriters-composers: Mahefa (bass) and Eddy (vocals). Two youngsters in their prime, brought up listening to their music lover of a father's collection of vinyl records (The Kinks, The Kingsmen, The Vines, Singapore Sling). The only issue is that rock'n'roll, although considered standard, is nowhere near as loved in Madagascar as heavy metal and folkloric rock. Even worse, the style is banned. Hence, the feeling of survival for the genre. Eddy had the brilliant idea for the band back in 2011 (while on the toilet -- as you do!) while listening to the seven AM program of Jacqueline Taïeb. Boom! As simple as that. They found their style mixing daily narration with minimalistic orchestration. And their name, The Dizzy Brains, was inspired by Jacques Dutronc and Serge Gainsbourg (whom they adore) mixing irony and carelessness in attitude. In fact, they borrowed "Les Cactus" by Dutronc and made it their own, filling it with loads of thorns. Their biggest influence, however, remains The Sonics, whose "Louie Louie" and "Have Love with Travel" was translated in Malagasy and is featured on their first EP, Môla Kely (2013) describing easy girls from an album called Little Bitch -- you read it right -- provocation, one would easily describe it. Their main preoccupations remain money, the future, friends (girlfriends), and a political system that is fast becoming the enemy. But being a "punk" band has never been tempting to them. The constant feeling of rejection made them switch and that feeling is forging their character as a band, shaping attitude and beliefs. Choosing between being the sheep or the wolf; they have made their mark.