We Progressive

XRP 816213CD XRP 816213CD

After more than 20 years of stage experience, General Levy is back with We Progressive, his newest album, which he himself has called "the best album of my career." General Levy, veteran of the UK music scene, grew up with reggae and black music influences. Promptly, he decided to take a stab at writing and then went on to singing. He managed to develop his own musical universe, inspired by the fast style culture. At the age of 19, he had already gained international recognition and been awarded several prizes such as the best reggae album, the best single for "Heat" and the best UK MC. General Levy composed his new album We Progressive in a specific way. For the first time, he surrounded himself with numerous musicians in order to create an eclectic and accomplished work. He decided to collaborate with Papa Style & Baldas, a French instrumentalist duo. To these two riddim makers was added the DJ and producer Goloom, who was put in charge of the artistic production. At last, he decided to work with Mayra, a young Brazilian singer from the duo Mayra & Mr.Mow, who brings her soft touch to the chorus. Through this new work of art, this unusual artist provides his fans with his vocal fluency and compositions as various as conceptual. We Progressive travels between reggae and different influences: funk and hip-hop in "Blow" and "The Love We Got", a subtle mix of rock and raga in "Flipping And Flapping", and Latin influences with the song "Bomba Rumba". But General Levy doesn't forget his roots and delights his fans with the wonderful acoustic song "Friend In Need". Also features Danakil and Big Red.