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Civilization, the debut album by Italian singer-songwriter Adele H, represents four years of thoughts, ideas, and melodies. Adele H is the solo music project of Adele Pappalardo, a singer-songwriter who uses just her voice and a Brazilian tambourine (and occasionally other percussion instruments) to create primordial experimental pop songs. The essential instrumentation creates primitive layers of music where the theme of spiritual awakening is celebrated. Each track was composed on several occasions in the space of four years, during which Adele left a stable job in Milan, Italy ("Everything Is Changing") to travel to America for three months, where she lived in Oakland. During those years she also read essays on civilization (especially Zerzan, Diamond) and expanded her understanding of Difference Feminism, Queer Theories, and Buddhist Philosophies. Civilization contains all these themes which have become a part of Adele H's artistic journey. The album traces a handful of years where Adele H experienced an awakening from a routine life in the city and represents a journey of liberation from societal coercions. This is most evident on the second track "Dogmas": a manifesto which states the desire to not be defined anymore, by anyone. At the same time, the appreciation for the little things in life is the vital statement which makes up Civilization; moments of solitude and rest in the woods after working for many hours in a mountain shelter in Italy. "This Silence" celebrates the nature which surrounded her after work, one late summer day. "Once A Day" tells the moment of an incredible sunrise that she admired from atop Cistella Mountain. The song reminds, that despite each of us alive on the planet, everywhere in the world (whether or not witnessed) there are great spectacles of nature (sunrises and sunsets), free sublime moments are happening continuously. Another big artistic breakthrough for Adele H was being part of the Civic Choir of Milan, where for a year she sang music in Latin with an 80 member choir. During that year Adele became dedicated to studying choral music. "I Wish I Was" was born out of her experiences with this sacred music and through the state of ego abolition that exists when singing as part of a choir. "Sun Walker" features Grant Corum.

"She builds small cathedrals made of interwoven voices, rhythmic sighs and breaths that become soundscapes, sound hypnosis. . . . Visionary. We await her debut full length LP Civilization with great anticipation." --Stefan Pifferi, SentireAscoltare, 2017

"A new name overlooks the experimental Italian scene, a feminine presence that uses an ancient language of intuition and spontaneity." --Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla, April 2017

"It reminds of some church music, a liturgy suspended between sacred and profane! She seemed a promise and we weren't wrong. A more than gratifying debut album." --Gino Dal Soler, Blow Up, April 2017