Istikrarli Hayal Hakikattir

GB 062LP GB 062LP

LP version. 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code. With the release of her first international album Hologram Ĭmparatorluğu (GB 040CD/LP, 2016), Gaye Su Akyol established herself as one of Turkey's most compelling young voices and most exhilarating sonic explorers. Her work as a singer-songwriter, producer, and audio/visual conceptualist simultaneously navigates the storied past, the hyperconnected present and the unscripted future. Growing up in cosmopolitan Istanbul listening to Anatolian music icon Selda Bağcan and Kurt Cobain in equal measure, Akyol skipped right over the tired Oriental/Occidental paradigmatic clichés. Following the widespread critical acclaim for Hologram Ĭmparatorluğu, Gaye and her sublime band spent 18 months traveling up and down Turkey, Europe, and the Middle and Far East, sharing with audiences a vibrant mix of raki-laced traditional balladry, futurist surf, and post-punk opposition. Istikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir, produced by her and guitarist Ali Güçlü Şimşek, is arguably more immediate and visceral than the first two, reflecting her and the band's growing reputation as a powerful live act. Istikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir, which translates as "Consistent Fantasy is Reality", is a deeply poetic album; an album of personalized politics, an album that digs into the heart our contentious, inexplicable contemporary experience. Gaye Su Akyol: "'Consistent Fantasy is Reality' is the third album in my discography . . . Like my second album, it is published by Dunganga Records (our own record company) in Turkey and by Glitterbeat worldwide. In terms of its philosophy, lyrics, music and motto, this album is the dream of pure freedom, of showing the courage to be yourself, of looking at the culture I was born into without alienation, a 'dreaming practice' propounded into a country and world that is increasingly turning inward and becoming a conservatized prison. Musically the album combines influences from the Anatolian pop/Anatolian rock genre that emerged in Turkey during the '60s and the '70s with Turkish classical music scales and vocal aesthetics, and various subgenres of rock (psychedelic, post-punk, surf), bringing together strong ballads, Turkish folk tunes, the conventional guitar-bassdrums trio with percussions, joined by violin, oud, cumbush, and -- as new additions that the previous albums did not have -- baglama (Turkish native instrument), electronic beats, and wind instruments like saxophone and trumpet, all together making up a very rich instrumental palette." LP version comes on 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code. Personnel: Gaye Su Akyol - vocals, percussions, electronics; Ali Güçlü Şimşek - electric and acoustic guitar, back vocal; Görkem Karabudak - bass and acoustic guitar, keyboard, electronics, back vocal; Ediz Hafızoğlu - drums; İlhan Erşahin - saxophone; Barlas Tan Özemek - classical guitar (şahmeran); Ahmet Ayzit - violin, oud, electro saz, cumbush; Ismail Darıcı - percussions; Oğuz Can Bilgin - trumpet.