Love On The Beat

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LP version. Built around the successes of his soundtracks and songs for the movies of Christophe Honoré, Alex Beaupain's profile in the "chanson française" landscape is quite unique. Beaupain alternates between soundtracks, songs he writes for others (mainly great French actresses) and his own solo albums. In March 2021, Beaupain paid tribute to the late Serge Gainsbourg for the 30th anniversary of his passing during a special live on-air event where he covered in full, with the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Gainsbourg's penultimate shocking album from 1984: Love On The Beat. This experience led him directly in the studio with Saint DX as producer, the French-American duet Faux Real singing backing vocals and a full string section to re-record this cult album with a 2021 twist. He had also dreamed of covering that particular album that had so much impact on him, musically and lyrically, when he first discovered it. The '80s funky sound of the record, produced by Billy Rush, was a new start for Gainsbourg and at the time, the lyrics shocked everyone but achieved to avoid any censorship.

"I was 10 when Love On The Beat was released in 1984. Covering the full album was an idea I always kept somewhere in my mind as I was fully aware of the long-lasting impact this particular record had on all the teenagers at the time. This collection of songs is far from being the most covered or talked about works form Gainsbourg, but I've always had the feeling they were 'mine'. That everything started there for me and that, one day or the other, I would have to come back to it." --Alex Beaupain