Alrune Rock


Shadoks Music present a reissue of the Danish and rare English version of Alrune Rock, the third album by Alrune Rod, originally released in 1972 and 1973 respectively. "Alrune Rod" is the name for the Danish mythical mandrake root, and also the name for one of the most popular hippie bands from Denmark who shared the stage with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin among other famous bands. Alrune Rock, their third album, came in two different versions: In 1972, with Danish vocals and in 1973, the rare English vocals version with slightly different mixes. For the English version, the band used the cover image of their first album, Alrune Rod (1969), but with heavy color changes and a sticker on the front. Still, many people - even in Denmark - got confused about two very different albums with the similar artwork. The release presented here uses the outside of the English version, each printed inner sleeve has the correct English/Danish cover. During March and April of 1972, Alrune Rod chose record producer Freddy Hansson to Rosenberg studios in Copenhagen. At this point, the band was a trio: Leif Roden Nielson, Ole Poulsen and Karsten Høst. This was the first studio recording for Ole. Karsten had played on the previous Hej Du album (1971) and Leif would appear on all of Alrune Rod's albums. Alrune Rock shows the group moving away from the violent and emotional drama as their main expression, seeking strength through a technically more competent music. Alrune Rock reached #3 on the "Top 10" charts of the Danish radio with more than 10,000 copies of sold. A true Danish hippie blockbuster. The English version of Alrune Rock was ready for the stores in in March of 1973. Alrune Rock is at both melodic and full of improvisations. It belongs to the top of the Danish underground scene among Young Flowers, Culpeper's Orchard, Burnin Red Ivanhoe, and Hurdy Gurdy, just to name a few. Their musical style is often described as a hybrid between The Grateful Dead and early Pink Floyd. A Danish rock classic. This reissue of Alrune Rock includes a rare poster, two-page insert with new liner notes and many unseen pictures from the period 1972-74. Comes as 180 gram vinyl in heavy gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeves. Edition of 600 (numbered).