24 Hours

MN 1019LP MN 1019LP

Merlins Nose Records present a reissue of Ant Trip Ceremony's 24 Hours, originally released in 1968. Some albums exist with the knowledge that the band is about to break up, and with that in mind, the members attempt to capture at least a tiny bit of the magic they once created at rehearsals and concerts. These kinds of albums are way more personal, like a picture book of memories, than albums made for the commercial market. 24 Hours by Ant Trip Ceremony is one of those albums, recorded by a bunch of high school students soon to part ways after their exams. It is nearly impossible to get a hold of an original since it was pressed in an edition of 300. Fans of late 1960s jammy, psychedelic rock and dreamy folk tunes will go crazy for this collection of songs. Among them you'll find cover versions of Eric Andersen, a well-known singer/songwriter of the day, Allen Toussaint, a famous songwriter, producer, and soul musician, Billy Roberts, who wrote the ultimate rock classic "Hey Joe", as well as a couple of contributions of people close to the band, next to a handful of originals. The band had a quite unique expression while their overall style fitted well into their era. Some more or less intense but never really heavy rock songs, some mellow tunes that make your spirit drift away into gardens of delight painted in surrealistic colors. Fans of Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, The Charlatans, and other similar heroes and legends of the late '60s west coast scene will dig this primitive version of the super stars. The songs here are all incredible and definitely made to last a lifetime. A lost crown jewel of '60s music.