Argy Presents: D.Edge São Paulo

TD 008CD TD 008CD

German DJ/producer Argy has managed to become a leading figure in the most recent wave of house music producers, and now he presents one of his favorite clubs in the world, D.EDGE, via a mix CD on his much talked-about These Days label. Located in futuristic yet classic and tumultuous São Paulo, Brazil, D.Edge is believed to be one of the leading and most influential clubs. Its design and artistic direction, alongside its very passionate and dedicated following, have made D.Edge an institution for modern house and techno music, having high profile guests performing throughout the whole year. After the club's invitation for Argy to perform there and visit the city for a short period of time, a strong bond was created, and the artist felt the need to express this enthusiasm through his most immediate medium. In this mix, Argy does what he does best, which is to effortlessly combine old classics with a modern club sound, in the process creating a remarkable sonic energy. The musical journey is mixed in a more natural and less computerized "real club DJ mix" style, with wonderful dynamics, key-perfect mixing and with a music lover's sensitivity, combining a broad spectrum of different colors and textures throughout the CD, while always remaining constantly connected to the venue's sound. The audio collage, featuring Kerri Chandler, Motor City Drum Ensemble, David Alvarado and Aril Brikha, to name but a few, leads you through at least four different mind states from darker Detroit melodies, to percussive DJ tools, classic NY house, and finally, euphoric techno. The beautifully-curated and stunning product includes a mysterious hidden track of recorded Brazilian wild forest ambience. Last but not least, the CD includes an electronic download voucher that offers the songs as separate, full length tracks. An exclusively in-house production made with great care and passion from music lovers and aimed at like-minded people. Other artists include: Etienne Jaumet, Christian Vance, Art Of Tones, Jaw, Reelsoul & Alix Alvarez, Argy & DJ Said, Filsonik, Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer, Kaoz, DJ Duke, 51 Days, and Ribn.