Volume 2: The Solicited Tracks 1996-2006


"'Music is everywhere!' stated AtomTM in an interview back in 1992 -- and, YES how right he was! During Atom?'s over 20 years of music-making all sorts of people, companies and other entities were approaching him, each one of them in need of one thing: music. The music that was needed always had to fit a certain format, context or idea and in most cases its use was for a limited amount of time, copies or listeners...a special piece of music for a special purpose or listenership. 'While going through my audio archive,' continues AtomTM, 'I found quite a number of compositions I had forgotten about entirely. It was quite a task to find out why I had done them and most importantly, for whom -- though after a bit of research I was able to put the puzzle back together.' And so it came about that this CD finally took shape: Atom Heart - Volume 2 - The Solicited Tracks 1996-2006. The fact that none of the compositions presented here, really made it 'into the world,' but all of them remained rather hidden in some strange cultural corners, let AtomTM take the decision to finally 'make them public.' Here we find tracks made for compilations, online projects, books, exhibitions, releases that never were released and all sorts of other formats or uses. Fine, careful remastering was applied to all the tracks in order to unify them sound wise, since, (listened to from a technological point of view) they were recorded over a time span of more than 10 years. When listening to this selection, you may be surprised how coherent, in all its sonic diversity, this album turned out -- AtomTM's unique signature is the backbone that keeps it all together. The Solicited Tracks 1996-2006 is an elegantly sequenced musical selection, which leads us through rhythmical, sometimes calm or abstract compositions that strangely seem to make perfect sense as a whole -- as if destiny or history finally put them into the right place." Autographed and numbered limited edition of 500.