Rinse: 16


This is the 16th edition of the Rinse label's compilation series, mixed by Ben UFO, following on from successful releases from Youngsta, Oneman, Marcus Nasty, N-Type, Skream and Roska. Ben UFO has been at the forefront of the evolution of dubstep to its current state: as co-founder of Hessle Audio, as host of the Hessle show on Rinse FM and as a DJ in his own right. On this compilation, brand-new cuts from the UK underground rub shoulders with house, techno and experimental music from across the globe. An eclectic mix of artists are featured including How To Dress Well, Actress, Carl Craig, Pearson Sound, Mr. Monday, Kode 9, etc. The series started with Rinse boss Geeneus and has since taken in a who's-who of UK underground dance music. Over the last couple of years, the boundaries around the sound that was once simply known as "dubstep" have disintegrated, allowing outside influences to work their way into its DNA. Ben UFO has been at the forefront of these developments in every capacity. Rinse: 16 captures a snapshot of that process in action, where dubstep's 140bpm skank slows to house's heartbeat pulse, and where excess fat melts away to leave little but tough percussion and wispy melody. What remains as a hallmark, though, is the presence of sub-bass -- a thick tar that binds together everything from the acidic electro of Swims to the barely-there techno of Actress' "Ghosts Have A Heaven." Starting with the house music that forms the backbone of his sets, deep cuts from Aaron Carl, Kassem Mosse and STL, the UK gradually makes its presence felt in Karenn's convulsive "Caretaker" and Jam City's hyperactive grime. As the two styles meld together, house's four-to-the-floor throb begins to break apart even as tempo remains fixed, leaving the exquisitely broken hybrid that's defined 2011 so far; like Ben's shows, it practically demands that you immediately start exploring further. Other artists include: Dro Carey, Third Side, XDB, 2562, Lerosa, Objekt, Champion, Snugs, Elgato, Soul Capsule, Ordinary People, Fierce, M Dubs, General Levy, Pangaea, Helix, Shackleton, Unknown, Bassboy, Bok Bok, Sicko Cell and Andrew Coltrane.