1-2 Weeks
See You Later, Alligator

BAF 11012LP BAF 11012LP

"It's quite astonishing that rock n' roll music was as popular in Brazil's blazing heat of the year 1956 as elsewhere. This is proved through this 10" album, a reissue of an original Brazilian 1956 Bill Haley & His Comets platter, which is one of the rarest amongst hard-to-find albums, today. Bill Haley & His Comets already started to rock around the world with 'Rock Around The Clock' in 1955 which was also the title song in the movie Blackboard Jungle. He became the first boss of rock and he eventually also reached the country of Brazil in 1956. Haley got millions of fans in Brazil and therefore he went on several tours throughout the country of Brazil during the following years. It started with two movies starring Bill Haley & His Comets, 'Rock Around The Clock', and 'Don't Knock The Rock', which found their ways into Brazilian movie theaters resulting into decisions by the record company Decca to issue Haley's records in slightly different forms in Brazil as well. Those platters are some of today's most sought-after collector's items because of their limited ordinance. Besides the title track on 'See You Later, Alligator - rock n' roll com Bill Haley e seus Cometas', there are more hit-songs such as The Saints rock n' roll, an adaption of the late standard 'When The Saints Go Marching In', 'Teenager's Mother (Are You Right?)', plus some songs from the above mentioned movies, including the breath-taking instrumental 'Rudy's Rock', which features Haley's saxophone-man, Rudy Pompilli. All these songs are not only music history but dancefloor fillers! This music gets you in the mood to dance, to rock around the clock! We added two bonus tracks to the song line-up of the original album for your extra pleasure. Both bonus tracks were recorded in 1956. 'Two Hound Dogs' could've been meant as an answer song to Presley's 'Hound Dog'. The second bonus song, 'Hide And Seek', is sung by Billy Williamson of the Comets."