New Weird Austria

AY 026CD AY 026CD

On his fourth album, New Weird Austria, Binder & Krieglstein takes the path less traveled and presents his own personal take on Austrian folk music. Stylistically, he wanders between the worlds of electronic and folk music, bringing together a motley array of guest vocalists on diverse tracks without ever blending them. Folk music and punk are kindred souls: it is the rough-and-ready aspect of both that Binder & Krieglstein distills into something quite unique. In its more extreme forms, the punk dance form, pogo, is not so very far removed from folk dance, and stamping feet are just what electronic music calls for. Folk music and pop just go together -- or, rather, what we have here is the irresistible transition of folk music into pop music. The 12 tracks on New Weird Austria meander wildly yet precisely between influences from electronica, ska, hip-hop and house on the one hand, and polka, landler and traditional Styrian on the other, while still leaving plenty of room for guest performances by Austro-pop legends Wilfried, Didi Bruckmayr, Mieze Medusa, artist Karl Grünling, Molto Mosso, Heimo Mitterer (Portnoy), Steirischer Jägerchor, Christian Fuchs and Suzy On The Rocks (both from Vienna's thriving electro-underground band Bunny Lake). Partner and singer Makki of the Binder & Krieglstein live-band feature with several songs, too. Rainer Binder-Krieglstein launched his successful solo career after a stint as drummer with such bands as Fetish 69, Toxic Lounge and Sans Secours and has since gone on to explore any number of stylistic directions.