3-4 Weeks
Dr. Boogie Presents Rarities from the Bob Hite Vaults

SR 271CD SR 271CD

This is the first volume of a collection devoted to rare and lost recordings from the '20s to '60s. These rare pieces span the years 1941-1958 and are taken from Bob Hite's fabulous collection of 78rpm records: a historical archive that has helped to, in its own way, save from oblivion the rural bluesmen who had dropped out of the scene decades ago and make possible their reintegration into musical history. Everyone is now entitled to hear this chunk of the treasure. Compiled by the famous DJ Dr. Boogie with the help of Fito De La Parra (drummer for Canned Heat). Bob Hite, founding member and singer of the unforgettable group Canned Heat, owned one of the most impressive collections of U.S. 78rpms. He started gathering these records at a very young age and always dreamed of being in a boogie band and paying tribute to the pioneers, drawing inspiration from all the greats who set the foundations for blues music. Before he joined the band, he was already working in various record stores in Venice Beach, and through the years he came to acquire extraordinary items -- mostly thanks to the success of the 33rpm, which quickly replaced the 78rpm format. Bob Hite never stopped expanding his collection; he bought records all around the world. He was known to throw huge parties at his house, where he spent hours, sometimes whole nights, unveiling gems from his collection. After Bob Hite's death, the fabulous collection was decimated, partly sold, dismembered, and even plundered. Now the public is privy to pieces of his exquisite archive of forgotten greats and lesser-knowns, such as Pete Johnson: a boogie-woogie expert and one of the first piano legends, or Clarence Brown, whose majestic guitar playing and recordings for the Peacock label remain unmatchable. Elmore James makes an appearance with some of his more obscure tracks, as well as Mad Mel Sebastian, who remains a complete mystery. Other artists include: Eddie Hope, The Hot Shots, Earl King, Googie Rene, Chuck Higgins, Johnny Otis, Bill Haley, Otis Rush and Etta James.