1-2 Weeks
Funtown Comedown

SN 017LP SN 017LP

"In the wilds of greater outer Louisville Kentucky, there is a place called Funtown. You won't find it on any map, and you might just lose yourself in the woods out there trying to pin it down to the ground as well. Yet, Funtown is a place, as much as it is a place of mind. It was in this place, in a clearing and on the shores of a pond, that Bonny 'Prince' Billy and The Picket Line combined forces to play his music and their music and other people's music for a community of people to hear and watch and swing and step to. And they did! The songs of Bonny and The Picket Line and the others that they play are music for an afternoon, an evening, a night. Songs to echo off your head when you wake up the next morning -- but songs for a finite place, like Funtown; a place that you must leave behind you, and leave in your mind. So they left, and months went by, and a few more opportunities to play as one presented themselves. Including this one! Live in front of friends and family is the way of Funtown, so more and the same were invited when B'P'B and the TPL laid this one down for posterity. It was as fun as it sounds and more, in ways which have mostly been channeled down to the two sides of a groove, and presented to you here, wrapped twice in full-color sleeves. The Picket Line spark with their youth the picking traditions that some call bluegrass and some call music. They are comprised of Oscar Lee Riley Parsons, guitar and singing; Bob Dixon, electric guitar; Jonathan Kempf, mandolin; Cheyenne Mize, filled and singing; Danny Kiely, double bass; and of course, the Mayor of Funtown himself, Bradley Reinstedler, on banjo."