Winter/F/i Split


Originally issued by Lexicon Devil in 2003. Milwaukee's Boy Dirt Car were their good city's preeminent punk-noise-industrial outfit who roamed the state and country from roughly 1981 'til 1989. Formed by the disgruntled duo of Eric Lunde and Darren Brown after being inspired by a local cacophonous Glen Branca gig, they decided to gather a group of fellow miscreants from the Milwaukee punk scene with a mission to create a truly inspired, ungodly, riot-inducing racket. Roping in, amongst others, Dan Kubinski and Keith Brammer from local hardcore kings, Die Kreuzen, they formed Boy Dirt Car. With a sound approximating some sort of bizarre stew of Throbbing Gristle, early Sonic Youth, Birthday Party, AMM and Einsterzunde Neubauten, they set about documenting themselves through a slew of self-released cassettes. Playing the circuit with everyone from Fred Frith to Flipper to Shockabilly to Screamin' Jay Hawkins(!), BDC caught the ear of noise aficionado, Ron Lessard, of the famed RRR label out of Massachusetts, who released the 1986 split LP with fellow Milwaukee space-rockers, F/i. Winning praise from the hipsters and running through a few pressings for its troubles, the band went and did it again in 1987 with their debut full-length, Winter. Both of these have been out-of-print for almost 15 years and never been given the CD treatment, until now. So why bother with Boy Dirt Car? For the simple reason that they are one of the great missing links in '80s U.S. punk-noise underground culture. Listening to the CD is like revisiting a time in history that really drew a line in the sand: are you with us or not? It was a time when "getting in the van" was all a "challenging band" could do to survive; a time when Whitehouse and Black Flag were one and the same; a time when "industrial" meant more than some New Romantic reject churning out z-grade speed-metal riffs with a drum machine. It's all part of a link to a puzzle, and Boy Dirt Car, as obscure as they may seem, were truly one of those great links that need reinvestigating. "...Boy Dirt (Car) share a member w/Die Kreuzen, are all pals w/Steve Albini and are often referred to as America's Einstug. That's not the most accurate thing in the world, but they are damage of an industrial nature and they don't suck. Not at all." --review of the BDC/F/i split LP, Forced Exposure, Winter 1987