Soul Strike!


"Soul Strike is a raw-ass piece of instrumental funk, served straight up on a platter of nasty. From the very first note, you can tell that this is REAL deal, OLD-school funk played the way it should always be played: ROUGH. Calypso King & The Soul Investigators take us back, way back, to a time when locking into a groove meant something. With two sides of breakbeat-laden hard funk instrumentals, this record is the answer to all your BBQ/funk needs. The first track 'Gator Funk', is a study in syncopated heaviness; with a tough bass line, a New Orleans chicken scratch guitar and grease machine organ, this track is a dance floor killer. 'Ma-Gee' is a mellow groover perfect for enjoying those ribs you worked so hard to cook just right. 'Mo' Calypso Strut' is a fast paced funk tornado with a diabolical drum beat and infectious groove; it's what your parents called 'the devil's music'. 'Some Funk' is a mid tempo laid back groover with the band hangin' tough at the barbecue. 'Raw Grapes' sounds like heavy, heavy funk again; a rough organ, a strong drum beat and a rhythm guitar in the tradition of such greats as the Mohawks makes for a sure-shot party favorite. 'Investigator's Groove' is pure down-home style funk; rough, nasty and bad, bad, bad. 'Struggling My Way' reflects on many a rough times, a deep track the likes of Leeroy & The Drivers' 'Sad Chicken'. This mid-tempo scorcher is the only necessary ingredient in a bowl of get-down. 'Brand New Potatoes' is a fast paced insane ride down hard funk street; with an organ sound reminiscent of Allan Hawkshaw, this track has the effect of 1000 cups of coffee. 'Ahh Soul!' is a hardcore JB's meet the Mohawks 1970 style groove, whith scorching drums, tough bass lines and this super deep organ you can't stand still and never will. 'Soul Strike' is a chunk of funk like no other and stands proud as this CD's title track inspired by a screaming organ keeping the coals hot on the barbecue while the neighbors all get down. 'Soul Strike' has got more get down than Johnny Johnson's chicken wings and then some. 'Chick Beans' follows up in style and kicks in with an organ and drum break while in the kitchen the bands cooks a heaping serving of real deal funk, hugh! The band's intense study in rough ends with 'Ci-Ka-Boo', a mid-tempo heavy groover, with every band member now using sledgehammers. This is heavy, heavy funk and it's the right thing for you."