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LP version. Includes CD. Camping is the third studio album from the German band Candelilla. Candelilla were founded back in 2001 in Munich and, according to their website, were reborn when new drummer Sandra Hilpold joined the band in 2007. Since then the line-up of the quartet has remained intact with Mira Mann, Lina Seybold, Rita Argauer, and Sandra Hilpold. Candelilla has always been a more interdisciplinary collective than a mere rock band. Candelilla is known for their willingness to live above the so-called standards of German indie pop music, to push the boundaries and to survive the process. For their last album, Heart Mutter (TR 20752CD, 2013), the group traveled to Chicago to record the complete album live in the studio with Steve Albini. Heart Mutter is an intense piece of music that manages to showcase the energy and the spirit of the quartet in all its beautiful rawness. Like a riot squad that allows no doubt that Candelilla are absolutely serious with every sound the play. Camping, their first album released on the Trocadero label, was recorded with legendary German producer Tobias Levin. The ten songs, in glittering and furious beauty, explore the possibilities of pop within the cosmos of Candelilla. They reach boundaries, detach, and observe them, but never exceed them. Camping shows a band that is so self-assured that it can reinvent itself without leaving a trace of the old. To quote Zick Zack founder Alfred Hilsberg: "Camping breaks through the Albini-developed sound cocoon and offers a dazzling look into the diversity of four individuals who confront the listener in a self-confident and brave way with their own experiences and observations. Supported by Tobias Levin, Candelilla have released a visionary and headstrong statement that evokes the discourses in the German underground scene of the eighties and nineties. Camping is a forward-looking invitation towards a new, open dimension of pop music."