Chroniques Et Fantaisies

BEC 5543162 BEC 5543162

Catherine Ringer needs no introduction. She's the woman who created an inimitable, genre-defying personality who, along with her group Les Rita Mitsouko, had a huge effect on the French pop music scene in the '80s right through to the noughties. In May 2011, she released her first "proper" solo album, Ring N 'Roll (BEC 5772833). Ringer took the magic of Rita's roots but moved it towards something with a more music-hall leaning at its core. After a breath-taking dalliance in Plaza Francia alongside two founding members of Gotan Project, whereby she stepped into the shoes of a tango dancer, oozing elegance and sensuality, Catherine is now back with a second album, Chroniques Et Fantaisies. The larger-than-life record is a family saga played out over 12 musical sketches, from everyday nothings to life's biggest problems. Catherine goes from synth-y cosmic disco (like the opening track "Senior" with its comical lyrics), to disheveled rock ("Como Va"), a steamy slow number ("Intermittent Lover"), and melancholic blues ("Obstination"). The album will take you from laughter to melancholy (the sublime "Tristessa" is a tribute to Fred Chichin), and it'll make you dance and cry. Whether she's singing in French or in English, Ringer's whole range of skills are on display, alternating from playfulness, troubled, melancholic, sweet, and spicy, all with her added brazenness that everyone knows and loves so well. All that plus everything that makes Ringer so magical: her wonderful, defiant, chameleon-like approach set to an eclectic backdrop with a powerful voice that has touched everyone -- including the French pop music scene. It's something you wouldn't know how to do without. Three-sided double LP; Features a spiral design etched on the D side; Includes CD.