Zone 7

RM 4166CD RM 4166CD

On Zone 7, New York artist Christina Giannone creates sound worlds that act as portals to the interiority of our lived experiences. These portals appear like shimmering nebula, distant but compelling, calling your attention and sparking you to reach out towards them. Through a series of drifting passages her record maps out a possible trajectory into the recesses of the often under explored subconscious. This is not a didactic music, rather it is invitational and maintains a constant flow, like that of breath. Giannone's capacity to sculpt sound is tactile and knowing, and through a series of smoldering passages of vaporous texture and sanded back distortion she reveals you, to yourself. This is a music that exists at the fringes of what you know in yourself and it asks you to travel with it.

Notes from Christina Giannone: "While I was making this record, I found myself coming back to the idea of escapism and how focused psychological exploration plays a role in that. The primary purpose of the project became a process of seeking to encourage a disengagement from the forefront of conscious awareness, and allow a willingness to take flight into the subconscious. In some ways perhaps, it was like the idea of falling away from consciousness into this other state and through that falling away we are able to begin this process of escape. It's in this place, away from consciousness that you will find the soul's domain, where there are 'zones' and 'portals' to other dimensions within the trenches of the psyche. I wanted this album to offer a chance for people to reach into these trenches, to begin to know them and to be invited to reside there, even for just a moment. Each piece, I hope, helps to facilitate transcendence into these rooms and spaces within the subconscious world, where one's perception can transform or evolve into any direction of their choosing, allowing free range of expression and self-reflection. It is in the subconscious that new possibilities for freedom can be found, and perhaps even cultivated more generally. Often we are afraid to observe the worlds within ourselves, but they can serve a higher purpose and provide tools for basic awareness and survival."