Death By Misadventure


"In June 2010, I moved to Berlin. I'd been in Barcelona for three years previous to that. Overall, as good as my social life and the experiences that I had there were, musically I was treading water. Everything changed once I moved to Berlin. The different environment and way of life was exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again. That same month I sent three tracks to Connaisseur, which would become the Ghosts EP. At that point, the label asked me if I wanted to do an album for them. It wasn't something I had properly considered in quite some time, but I jumped at the prospect. I had self-released my debut album back in 2005 which was a collection of tracks I made from 2002 until that point. Once I started releasing internationally, I was just stoked to be releasing EPs. I didn't listen to any electronic albums, period. Only EPs and single tracks. I thought that the album was pointless in the electronic world. Luckily, I came around from that point of view, and it coincided with Connaisseur asking me to do the album. So then I tried to decide what angle to take with the album. Should it be a bunch of tracks all written in a short period of time with a similar theme, or a collection of different tracks brought together under the umbrella of an album? Should I cater for the floor or for the home-listening experience? So I racked my brains for a bit and thought, 'what would I like to listen to from start to finish in an album?' I told the label that I thought the album should be organic, some tracks might work in deeper sets but the most important thing is that they could be listened to in a variety of environments and not sound out of place. And the label agreed with me. With that I started working in earnest on the album, churning out many tracks in a similar vein, then banging my head on the keyboard for months at a time until the next wave came, with invariably a slightly different evolution of my sound. Equal parts synthesis and sampling, but 100% organic, touching on various different genres. In a way it's return to my initial methods of music creation, but also an evolution from that. A listening experience from start to finish and constructed as such. It also marks the first time I've worked with vocalists, featuring contributions from Emilie Harsongkram and two English singers, Emma Greenfield and Moss Beynon Juckes." Bren Gregoriy (Chymera)