After Hours

BD 004LP BD 004LP

"The much-anticipated blast-off release for Speer and his band. Recently rewarded 5 stars in Time Out mag by the music editor, this album is a landmark in laid-back blues and country songwriting, feat. members of NNCK and Sunburned." -S@1. "The inimitable Mr. Speer coined the term himself upon titling his pre-Helix full length release... Forgotten Country. Not so much a forgotten people of a state or a rural area. Not so either some Souths gonna rise again moonshine. More so a return to a way of presenting a music in the context of a tradition (something those boys in the band are pretty high on.) But this isn't your grandfathers Bakersfield we're dealing with. Tho the tongue of the balladeer may spin tales ripe with a cast of characters including 'the Pastor' Randolph Healey, Cheese Frog, the man from HHS, Uncle Ernie, that guy with the black mustache and red Caddy who stole your girl, and the true born sons of Levi, he sings them not only with the twang of the roadhouse, but tainted with the grit of the streets of the big city. As one casual listener once noted to the band after a performance, 'You guys play both types... country and psych.' And it's true that the sounds contained on After Hours do act on the mind as much as they tug at the heartstrings. Replete with tales of mental instability, infidelity, drunken advice, wartime hucksters, heartbreak, and redemption, the first album by D. Charles with his backing band will surely immediately stand out amongst the shards of gothic Americana that litter our fair sonic landscape. Edition of 500. Recorded at Black Dirt Studio" -- Black Dirt.