The Night Just Keeps Coming In

KK 051CD KK 051CD

The Night Just Keeps Coming In is the legitimate follow-up to Dakota Suite's The End Of Trying, featuring mostly subdued sound animations, flowing piano harmonies and smooth cello arrangements. Mind you, this is not a new Dakota Suite album, but a collection of adaptions and remixes, created and produced by an illustrious band of musicians -- well-known protagonists in the spheres of classical composition as well as new electronic music. The mixture could be looked at as a remake of Dakota Suite's previous album, too. The original tracks recount the sorrow and the pain the composer from Leeds is suffering from. Without any vocals or guitars, each song construes its own emotional history. The American cellist David Darling contributes to the sublime atmosphere along with artists such as Machinefabriek, Peter Broderick and The Boats who all breathe new life into the individual songs, amplifying either their gracefulness, as in Jasper Leyland's mix of "Hands Swollen With Grace," or their tragedy; for example, when Hauschka sets to music "A Quietly Gathering Tragedy" from his own perspective. Elegi's version of "All The Love I Had Was Not Enough" will send shivers down your back, "Very Early One Morning On Old Road" keeps the tension high, too. Although The End Of Trying is unique in its originality, the different adaptions just as well manage to find a suitable harmony between neo-classic and classical electronica. Particular, but very intriguing. Other artists include: Deaf Center, Arve Henriksen, Greg Haines, Hannu, Tape, Swod, Jacaszek, Emanuelle Errante, Loscil, and Dakota Suite and Nick Hawley.