AKU 1034CD AKU 1034CD

As a traveler-without-age, Damo Suzuki has been touring all over space-time. Presenting the light of "instant composing" to new generations, he refers to his makeshift collaborators as sound-carriers. Exactly fifty years after the release of the profoundly iconic Ege Bamyasi (1972), you can hear his voice on yet another fantastic album, as in "derived from fantasy." Manifested from the meeting with Spiritczualic Enhancement Center -- an eight-piece group of self-proclaimed disciples from the CAN University have gathered at Arkaoda (Turkish for "backroom"). Named after the place in Berlin where it was recorded, this release freewheels down the "Autobahn of Consciousness" as it swerves along that ancestral road. A witness of this session was quoted calling it "unfiltered, freeform, de-programming music." The album's three volatile tracks -- "U," "Ra," and "Beya" -- are unity-enhancing, non-boolean excerpts from this serendipitous symposium at the beginning of 2020 (just before the new measures). Let your children hear this! Deluxe limited CD in a 350grm vinyl replica sleeve; printed on reverse cardboard; edition of 400.

"Damo was so natural, like a zen master, a spiritual elder. He spoke to us in kind, authentic, deep mannerisms -- and yet, was so approachable, not the least apparent in the fact that he immediately said 'yes, sure' to my offer to partake in some Hashish smoking -- and we sat and laughed and spoke for hours ... rather philosophically and intellectually, you could say, but in a way that seemed so easygoing nonetheless. I was moved by this, as I didn't know what to expect -- there was this anticipation that he'd be 'too big' and kinda feel above us, but this feeling was not there in the slightest. We were merged, from the start. And this felt like his secret, the way by which he's able to tour and play with completely new musicians every time, for decades. And it isn't a method or a tactic." --words from Spiritczualic Enhancement Center.