1-2 Weeks


A proudly nonconformist and multifaceted electronic artist, David August went on hiatus for a year. Taking time to reflect and discover unknown paths in both, musically and personally, August connected to his Italian roots, drawing inspiration from its history, rich culture, and diverse landscape. The result is a new language of sound and space that until now has remained hidden inside of him. Ready to come back, August emerges with a new label, 99CHANTS, a finite project limited to 99 releases. Offering an openminded platform for a diverse range of artists, the label aims to contribute to culture and society in a positive way. The first release comes from August himself. Ambient in form, DCXXXIX A.C. marks the first step that will lead to a bigger picture. David in his own words: "A couple years ago, I found myself in jam sessions, naively messing around with sound; no rhythm, no structure. Not considering any borders, trying to 'think' about music, as subconsciously as possible. It's been a vein in me ever since, which I developed and explored quietly in my personal space, slowly realizing that half of me somehow existed in this realm; so-called ambient music. During these years, a relevant amount of drafts came together. While working on my main project last year, I decided to present this other side of me in an own independent way, to initialize a path that would be continued. I founded a new label, 99CHANTS, a dream I wish I could have realized earlier. . . . Everything relies on these two things, in my opinion. The record is 60 minutes in length and contains 24 tracks, which I see as being all linked together, forming a single, extended breath. As my most recent work pulls inspiration from my Italian provenience, so does this album. I go back in time, finding myself surrounded by the nature and old spirits of an ancient commune, in the middle of the country. Relating to the details of a land, it's a soundtrack to a time and space unknown. Generally speaking, the tracks took shape rather quickly, trying to believe in the moment of what a first intuition could have of value, or maybe not. All music came together in Berlin, Iceland, above the Atlantic and in a small Mediterranean town. Connecting the dots, the story leads to where the next begins." Gatefold sleeve.