Birth of a Being (Expanded)

AUM 096-97CD AUM 096-97CD

2023 repress. "Birth Of A Being (Expanded) presents the essential first studio recordings by incomparable jazz saxophonist David S. Ware as a bandleader. Recorded in New York, April 1977, the first disc features material originally released on LP by the Swiss label, hat Hut Records -- out of print for over 30 years. The second disc features a full additional album of top-shelf material from those same sessions that have never been released in any form. This definitive edition was sourced from the original analog 8-track tapes, and was newly mixed & mastered in 2015. Crucial material. Stunning performances & fidelity. Ware's band here, featuring Cooper-Moore on piano and Marc Edwards on drums, was known as Apogee. This long-standing & incessantly active collective trio formed in Boston (Ware attended college there) in 1970, relocating to NYC in the early 70s to create their own space within the jazz loft scene of the time. In 1973 they were invited by Sonny Rollins to open for him at the Village Vanguard. Not long after arriving in NYC, Ware began performing extensively with Andrew Cyrille's group Maono, and, together with Marc Edwards, joined the Cecil Taylor Unit. In 1977, at Ware's request, Apogee reconvened to document their essence in a proper studio setting. Birth Of A Being could not be a more perfect title for these recordings, as it was here that David S. Ware's concepts for jazz ensemble were first elucidated; concepts that would further blossom within the legendary David S. Ware Quartet which he launched a decade after the initial release of this work. Birth features Ware's compositions & the mesh of Apogee's deep foundation of collective synergy with his vision at time of recording. Exceptional clarity, control, and utter logic in elocution; with intent to get to the breathing heart of music itself. The tenderness and intensity of feeling on full display in all of his work here is humbling. This 2CD set is the fitting first in a planned series of David S. Ware archival releases on AUM Fidelity; its release date coincides with the 66th anniversary of his birth (November 7). First edition packaged in deluxe 8-panel digipak."