Central to the Israeli club scene, Deep'a & Biri have long been defying expectations even within a community they helped construct. Serving as resident DJs, activists, and bookers for Tel Aviv's legendary Barzilay Club, the pair helped build a transcendent club scene. Now based in Berlin, for Deep'a & Biri, things are much the same, even if the landscape and the city is different. Always rooted in the fertile ground between machines and emotion, on their second full-length LP, Dominance, the duo demonstrates their unique grasp of the sensitive, unfolding relationship between man and machine. Steadfast in their insistence never to remain in one lane in terms of their sound, Dominance flawlessly segues between forcefulness and weightlessness. From beginning to end, this is not a record afraid to show its teeth with an uncompromising, instantly recognizable techno palette that kicks the foundations of any sound system with menace, anger, and determination, particularly on tracks such as the dense "Voltage" and pulsing throughout the more industrial flourishes of "École De Nancy" and "Seeking Solace". Beyond these grittier, although never mindless, moments of authority, a sense of escapism and curiosity imbues the album. "Alpha Cephei" offers the first hint of Deep'a & Biri's more wistful concepts, producing a smoke trail of twinkling electronics out of a smudged but distinctive bassline. That understated sense of emotional catharsis carries throughout, to be found between the complex-yet-familiar bells that drive the rhythm of "Flow Diverter" to a Detroit-indebted landscape that will surely instantly elasticate any keen dancers, while "False Memories" offers big-room techno fulfillment with none of the character or sincerity removed for cheap thrills. Saving the most remarkable moments for last, the pair sign off "Dominance" with the poignant and purifying "Astral Trails", fusing an ethereal, ambient landscape with the more pronounced rhythms of their hardware. The album's distinctive artwork comes from the studio of Jewish orthodox artist Avraham Guy Barchil, who forged a powerful connection with Deep'a, both was immediately drawn to "weird atmosphere, amazing technique and emotions involved with his work". Ensuring their natural, conscious touch always remains at the forefront of this unapologetically machine-driven music, Deep'a & Biri have produced an album in the lineage of their heroes and greatest influences. Cerebral yet satisfying, deep yet always engaging, Dominance both reasserts and evolves Deep'a & Biri's forward facing and singular sound.