1-2 Weeks


"Considering that Intershop blew it's fair share of head's minds last year, delineating exciting ideas about what a 'techno' full-length could be about, makes his new record that much more exciting -- it is NOT more of the same. Like the awesome cover art by Bianca Strauch, this is a record that is in turns so subtle, evocative, mystical and mystifying that I honestly think that people are going to be listening to this record ten years from now -- still wondering how he did it, what is it exactly that makes it so good. The nexus of the LP, the third track, has the same indefinable majesty to it that made Mike Ink's 'Life's a Gas' THE comedown track for DJ's all over Europe a few years ago, and the rest of the record just radiates outward from that point, Deus ex Machina, no track sounding the same twice. Buy the CD, put the player on repeat, and you might never have to leave the house again. 40 Minutes, 7 tracks, no titles." -- Billy Kiely. "Mister Knister (Mr. Crackle) is back. Two years after the release of his wildly acclaimed debut album Intershop, Dettinger forces his great passion even further. With Oasis, he sets another milestone in the genre of modern ambient music. You should know how to knister. This guy really has been working hard which he proved on his EPs Puma and Totentanz. It has become ultra modern at Dettinger's. Equipped with the fastest computers and the finest periphery, he has refined and polished his sounds. Again and again. Some say hightech is romance's enemy. We say Dettinger has been able to reconcile romance and technique with the ease of a poet and without using any dubious methods. With Oasis , as well as with Intershop, you always have the feeling of meeting good old friends of the easy days of pop. However, on Oasis you will not find any illustrative quotations. Everything is a constant calm flow -- too raging, not too shallow, but perfect to go for a swim. The dazzling, beautiful third track of the album is accompanied by a videoclip featuring animations of the well-known minimal graphics of Bianca Strauch and Joanna Grondahl."