1-2 Weeks
Back To Haus

RB 116X-EP RB 116X-EP

Dial D for Digitalism. The return of Hamburg's most prolific and bewitching production duo is a two-sided one. Back To Haus is their second outing for Running Back after Reality 2 in 2020. And on top of that, it does what it says on the tin. Based on the roots of house, which was the sound that Ismail Tuefekci and Jens Moelle started their DJ careers with, their modern-day interpretation of it is far from nostalgic, boring or conservative. Take the title track for instance. Now a track-id favorite, it was meant to be a sound test. Its recipe is as simple as it is infectious. Mix some Roland drum machines with a few piano chords and expertly arrange the rest with a marathon intro and a corresponding break down. Voilá! Patience might be bitter, but its fruits are sweet. "Chicagostrasse" is not only an existing street in the warehouse district of Hamburg's harbor, but also a nod to all-time heroes Johnny D and Nicky P of Henry Street fame and their samplers-and-beats approach. Heavy hypno house. "4th Floor" sees the duo sampling themselves (again) for a fast paced and open-airy party jam the references one of their favorite New York labels, when they met at Hamburg's late house music record store institution Underground Solution beginning of this millennium. Happiness is just a state of mind. Closing it all off, but not winding it down is Warehaus and its convoying beat tool "Empty Warehaus". Like Todd Terry visiting a Summer of Love rave in the UK. Descriptive and positively destructive. All in all, a worthy double, a DJ's delight and a dancer's delight.