1-2 Weeks
Mellan Slagen


Two of Sweden's most interesting artists collaborate on this brand-new version of "Mellan Slagen" from Dina Ögon's celebrated album Oas (PGM 163LP). The song -- which was originally inspired by glaciers and fjords lit up with neon lights and permeated with a smokey club feel -- weaves together Broder John's nasal, soft flow with the slow, almost ghostly groove which brings to mind the '90s Bristol trip-hop scene. Broder John has made quite a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with on the Swedish music scene. This Umeå-bred artist has contributed to shaping the music of today and leading the way for a new generation of artists. Following his debut album Cool and the sophomore album Drift, he was picked as the first-ever artist singing in Swedish to perform on the international platform ColorsXStudios. Broder John says, "Dina Ögon is the best thing to have happened to Sweden in the last ten years and Oas is an instant classic. I don't think I've ever been as quick to accept an invitation as I was when this one came in." Broder John on the new lyrics: "If you've listened to my previous lyrics, you can see that I'm often drawn to writing about different contradictions in life. I'm very inspired by Anna's lyrical writing, and I heard her words in the chorus 'finns inga krav' (there are no requirements) and I wanted to explore if there was something I could take from that into my world. I've had this idea for quite a long time about the scenario in which someone says that 'everyone is lying' and what that means for the person saying it -- are they lying too in that case? So, in combination with Anna's world and the incredible production, it felt like a perfect painting to continue painting. I think the last sentence ties it together nicely, 'Kan inte lita på nån här, det är sjukt, så tro mig när jag säger att det är sant -- alla ljuger' (Can't trust anyone here, it's insane, so believe me when I say that it's true -- everyone is lying). Dina Ögon on the collaboration: "Broder John is one of the best ones we have, we like that stuff, please listen!"