May Be Later

VA 003CD VA 003CD

This is Dinky's third album and her first full-length release on Vakant, after the Move In EP (VA 020EP). Dinky has brought with her a welcome infusion of freshness and bloom to the otherwise dank locker room. May Be Later, like the artist, is the prototypical combination of beauty and brawn. Dinky's long journey began in her native Chile, growing up playing piano and experimenting with modern dance and choreography. As a teen, she listened to artists as diverse as Brian Eno to Prince, before finding electronic music from Plastikman, Aphex Twin, and Carl Craig in the mid-'90s. She made lifelong connections in the Santiago scene with Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack, and Luciano, and was soon sharing stages with them. In the late '90s, Dinky moved from Santiago to New York City to join the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and was also introduced to American house, the evolution of techno, and parties like Body and Soul, NASA raves, and Twilo. Soon, at 23 and armed only with an MPC 2000, her original productions began. Dancing during the day, she was making a name for herself as a DJ by night, eventually hosting regular underground parties with Magda until she was forced to leave the States for Berlin due to post-9/11 visa restrictions. With her new home came chart-topping productions, mega-club residencies, live performances, and international recognition. May Be Later bridges sound and mood from the summery and sublime to the dark and throbbing. While "Mars Cello" floats and warms, "Burdelia" chugs somewhere between Chicago and early NYC house. "Fade Me In" zips along with furious kink and dubious vox by Dinky's longtime friend Jorge González. "Seven 2 Seven," when aimed at 8am Berlin ravers, massive freakouts ensue. "She Is Moving" features minimal vocalist extraordinaire Big Bully, attaining a vital equilibrium of naughty and nice. The album closes with "Mind," an electronic fusion -- moving, looming, eerie, and reassuring. This album shows Alejandra Iglesias' development, exposing the paths, connections and influences that brought her here. The beach, NYC underground in all its flavors, Berlin, the stage, Detroit, electronic waves from all directions, Chicago, mega-clubs... it's all here and it's all her own.