Built For Boundaries Volume 1


"17 mixed tracks and exclusives from artists: Dub Child, Toastyboy, Quiet Storm, Narrows, Distance, Darqwan, Search & Destroy, Protocol X, Marlow, Scarecrow and Reso. Quiet Storm has been working hard to push the music scene and its immense versatility of sounds since 1999. After hearing early productions from Oris Jay, Zed Bias, El B and DJ Narrows, as well as following labels such as Resurrection, Texture and Ghost, Quiet Storm was immediately hooked. Always pushing the underground sounds with passion and drive for the music, he quickly became a regular DJ on 'Groovtech' and alongside various other world wide Internet stations. He began to hit the production in 2002 on a free software package called Fruity Loops. Quiet Storm sent a demo out to the DJ and well known producer 'J Da Flex.' J Da then began to push Quiet's productions on his BBC 1xtra show 'Underground Knowledge' and in local and international clubs and venues. DJ Lombardo, a long term friend of J Da, soon became very interested in this new and up-and-coming artist. Lombardo promptly signed him to the label, Fragile Beatz. This is where Quiet became close with fellow label members, Search & Destroy and Dub Child. In 2003, he received a phone call from Rinse FM management offering him a prime time set on Tuesday evenings in between well known DJs Hatcha and Slimzee. Quiet took this opportunity on board, and spent most of his spare time chasing producers for new tunes and spending endless amounts of money on dub plates. Making his presence known on radio and throughout the scene, recognition and bookings slowly started to roll in. The only downside to 2003 was the record label 'Fragile Beatz' was no longer running. With endless amounts of dubplates and talent in his bag and barely any labels releasing vinyl due to lack of faith from distributors and label owners, Quiet Storm decided to take things into his own hands. In 2004 Storming Productions was born. Setting the label up, Quiet was determined to push through quality artists and their music. The edge and passion of forward-thinking music has always been the label's priority. Because of all these important factors, Storming has quickly built a strong and robust reputation of consistent and quality releases from artist such as: Search & Destroy, Dub Child, Oris Jay, Toastyboy, Mark One, Bogey Man, Protocol X, DJ Narrows, Reso, Marlow and Distance. Now running three labels (Storming/Dub Police/Sub Soldiers) and helping to manage two others for various artists, there seems to be no holding back this determined DJ/producer."