R12: Contemporary Sounds of Tel Aviv

R 1201LP R 1201LP

Rothschild 12 operated between 2009 and 2017 in the heart of Tel-Aviv, near the bustling intersection of Herzl Street and Rothschild Boulevard. Located on the ground floor of an elegant eclectic-style building which was built by Abraham Fogel exactly 100 years before it opened, Rothschild 12 began as an art gallery and quickly became a popular relaxed café and bar. While its front terrace faced the hustle-and-bustle of the city's main boulevard, in its back room, Rothschild 12 hosted nightly live shows by a variety of established as well as up and coming independent musicians. What started off as improvised jam sessions soon developed into a full program ranging from jazz and rock to world music, hip-hop and electronica. Now that Rothschild 12 is relocating to a new venue on Herzl Street, it is time for a summary -- a snapshot of the musical diversity which filled its walls -- in the form of the compilation you are now holding. This musical summary of Rothschild 12 brings together a modern remix to a pioneering Israeli-Yemenite disco number from the seventies, a bundle of colorful and psychedelic beats, a gentle and well-polished pop tune, a song so frank it hurts that develops into a percussive devil's dance, and three tracks touched by poetry: a modern-electronic rendition to the groundbreaking work of an iconic Tel-Aviv poet; a spoken word piece based on lyrics by a renowned contemporary poet; and an electronic remix to a musician which has become one of the distinguished voices of Tel-Aviv's current younger generation. These gems were selected and combined together by Yotam Goldman, better known around town as DJ Yogo. Born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Yogo spent his childhood replacing school hours with the music shops of Shenkin Street, and from the tender age of 13 began absorbing the sounds of its nightclubs, working as busboy, hanging posters and handing out flyers. For the past 15 years he has been among the city's busiest DJs, and in this compilation, he demonstrates the variety of genres and generations which make the soundtrack of the city so colorful and unique. Features DJ Caress, Shimon Adaf & Herzel Shviro, Rabo & Snob, Jerome C, Einat, Roy Harmon, Ahmed Silan, Assaf Amdursky, Ryskinder, The Models, Mo Rayon, Zohar Wagner, Alek Lee, and Ori & Yehezkel.