1-2 Weeks
Heading South

Q1E2 011EP Q1E2 011EP

Just what the doctor ordered... Next up on Q1E2 -- for the label's fifth release so far -- is Dr Sud. He's a Rome-born, Berlin-raised producer whose music is a fusion of percussion-centric soundscapes and integrated jazz-leaning harmonies, drawing inspiration from diverse genres like electronica, funk, and house. On Heading South, the broken beat don serves up his specialist percussive sound, folding all manner of drums into synth-smothered house. The EP explores the undulating cycle of morning into night, back into morning, inviting you to dance your way through it all. "Brina", a word which in Italian refers to morning dew -- perhaps found on a tent on the morning of a festival -- represents the breaking of dawn with broken beats. The track breaks and squints into the start of the day with spacious kick drums leaving room for warm, almost familiar pads and keys. Then, "Life Itself" reflects daytime, revolving around an arpeggiating synth that soon makes way for luscious keys. An excursion into percussive bliss concludes side A in the form of the magical, grin-inducing "Evening". This, as you might have guessed, is where the listener cruises through smoothly into the final stages of the day. It encapsulates that last burst of light as the sun sets and a slight shiver of the evening air slivers up your spine. Then, before you know it, the mysterious night arrives. Flip to that B side, and "Tramontana" will greet you, inviting you to dance deep into the late hours. When you're there, the chugging "3/4AM" will hit the spot like an unforgettable dance floor moment, bursting with low and slow Balearic tendencies. Finally, "Mondgesicht" ("Moonface" in German) fittingly concludes proceedings with deep lounge vibes. Mumbles of effortless trumpet maneuver through a swaying sea of percussion and delicious, wavering synth solo.