SP 017LP SP 017LP

Alexander Moskos is a seasoned Canadian avant-garde musician active in projects such as Alterity Problem with Joel Taylor and the legendary Thames, who had an incredible 7" release on American Tapes in late 2011. Drainolith, his solo guise, has been active since the mid-'90s but has remained relatively under-the-radar with mysterious private press cassette and CD-R releases. In 2009, Moskos picked up a heavy U.S. tour regiment and caught the attention of U.S. underground heads with impressive live sets. It was around this time that Moskos began to dial in songs for his debut Fighting! LP, which Spectrum Spools is eager to present. It's important to keep listeners on their toes and Spectrum Spools is fully psyched to hit you with an album of delusional blues -- littered with fractured synth, feedback and seriously cryptic personal content. One of Spectrum Spools' first releases with strong lyrical focus, Alex knocks it out of the park with his synthetic voice resonating like a wasted Robert Ashley on Ambien. The tracks rage with a one-man Twin Infinitives style, with guitar riffs so fucked that they make Neil Haggerty sound like Les Paul. Damaged, random syn-drum triggers and MS-10 crackling go fully ballistic over dark and personal narratives. Despite the chaotic nature of the music, there is a defined and cohesive song structure to each track which makes everything more confusing but also highly enjoyable to listen to. If you miss bands like Shadow Ring and Royal Trux, but wonder where the logical next step would be in their absence: step in this direction -- we promise you'll be pleased. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin.