Sea Shell City


The Detroit duo, DeepChord and Echospace also record under a variety of monikers (cv313, phase90, variant, etc.) and have continued to carve out an evocative, immersive sound born out of a love and passion for analog circuitry, sound design, field recordings and non-conventional methods of recording. But it's also work that's quintessentially building upon the Detroit electronic scene where it was born, and that divine marriage of roots and vision make the work at once so highly considered, so pertinent and so timeless. On this new project they collaborate with one of their closest friends and mentor, the late Michael Mantra. Michael's theories on 'Brain Hemisphere Harmonic Healing' were instrumental in the development of vibrational and sonic therapy. His experiments in the neural affects of sound paved the way for what has now become healing music. Echospace plays Michael Mantra's Sea Shell City is a 70-minute voyage into the furthest depths of the mind, featuring three tracks of ambient drone-based sonic worlds. On this album, sounds were sculpted with the use of hydrophones, piezoelectric transducers, wind harps, and binaural dummy-head microphones creating snapshots of normally unheard sonic worlds. Analogue oceans in slow motion, allowing one's mind to float into those mystical quiet zones, the brain hemisphere-sync effect Michael Mantra fostered for nearly three decades is ever present. "We're continuously reflecting on the teachings of Michael and in his honor, preserving the essence of sound and vibrational healing through music for immersive journeys into the vast beauty of atmosphere, the mind, nature and the inner self. Mike believed that listening with our whole heart and soul was the key to enjoying life to the fullest. He created auditory gradients for changing states of mind, and believed sound was the key to unlocking unseen universes. He dedicated himself to the spiritual liberation of all sentient beings through his sound-works. Desmond K. Hill once said that Mike's neuro-soundtracks could "radically transform the way human beings function psychologically". After 20-30 minutes of listening, I was incredibly relaxed with a lasting sensation of well-being. No concerns or thought crowded my mind, firmly in the present as opposed to being under the influence of memory or worries about the future, completely located in the now, with intense clarity, and deeper crispness of visual perception and thought." - Echospace