This is the first full-length release from Brazil's Edu-K on Man Recordings. Edu K is undoubtedly one of Brazil's most talented contemporary musicians. As singer and front man of legendary Brazilian punk band De Falla, they released more than seven albums, varying their musical style from heavy metal to punk rock and funk, and also became known for their energetic live shows. In 2000, De Falla authored the hit pop song "Popozuda Rock n' Roll," a salute from the punks to Rio de Janeiro's baile funk movement which has since caused a global commotion. This track was first released on the Miami Rock 2000 compilation and then re-cast by Edu-K for 2004's Rio Baile Funk -- Favela Booty Beats compilation, then finally released as a 12" single in 2005 by Man Recordings. For Edu K, the bass sound from the favelas of the Sugarloaf City was punk in its very essence reborn with the sound of baile funk. This time, it wasn't three chords and a singer that made a song and a group, but three sampled loops and a street MC. The commotion continues with Frenétiko -- the first baile funk-inspired album ever to be released outside of Brazil. It's forty-five minutes of pure energy, blending the hottest sounds of 21st century Brazil into a breathtaking, musical masterwork. Call it baile punk, samba reggaeton or electro punk funk -- Frenétiko is Brazil's new millennium answer to the post-local, post-genre musical era we live in. It's a high energy mash up of kick ass music that is fresh and unique. Take "Funkeiro C.B.," which includes hardrock riffs, percussive electronic beats and the ecstatic MC shouting of Edu K and his brother/co-MC Chilli Willi, or "Faz Que Eu Gosto," where the electronic and melodic songwriting shines through. "Hot Mama" adds Cuban flavors to the booty bass, and "Sexxxy" starts as a reggaeton track and then speeds up seamlessly into an electro funk tune. Last but not least, there's the rocking "Gatas Gatas Gatas," the bass-slapping "Da Punk Funk" and of course "Popozuda Rock n' Roll." You won't find another Brazilian album sounding so fresh in 2006.