1-2 Weeks
The Long March

SIR 2178CD SIR 2178CD

"So many words have been written about The Electric Family. That she teamed up in 1996 under the leadership of German independent veteran Tom 'The Perc' Redecker. That she has expanded and renewed constantly, that musicians from different genres contribute to the music of The Electric Family that simply cannot be classified. You know that the band does not fear to mix different styles like psychedelic, progressive rock, krautrock, folk rock, country & western, punk and hard rock. The result is this typical family sound, that animates critics to true hymns of praise, because no album sounds like the previous one. The salt in the soup are the many musicians who come to the performances and studio sessions. They are from krautrock legends such as Grobschnitt, Amon Düül II, Thirsty Moon or Lokomotoive Kreuzberg. But they also come from well-known German indie bands like Philip Boa's Voodoo Club, The Convent, The Pachinko Fake, Rhonda or the Lolitas, not to mention Pankow and Rockhaus, Die Ärzte and Emsland Hillbillies. Oh yes, with Ulla Meinecke, Angelika Weiss, Anke Lautenbach and Evelyn Gramel, the female gender has also left deep traces in the family sound. When a new studio album by The Electric Family called Terra Circus is released in 2017 -- after a break of ten years -- the sensation and enthusiasm is again great. And many young music lovers are astonished to find that there have already been a lot of recordings of the band before Terra Circus. That's why the band decided to put together The Long March - from Bremen to Betancuria. This compilation contains tracks from the first four studio albums Family Show, Tender, Ice Cream Phoenix, and Royal Hunt -- plus a few extra delicacies. It has not become a classic best-of album, the song selection is not based on their popularity but on the diversity of this exceptional formation."