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Electric Guest is a Los Angeles-based rock band formed in 2010. Their music is a melding of R&B, funk, pop, and classic rock. With meditative lyrics, catchy choruses, and dance-inspiring rhythms, the band brings a feel-good experience direct to the eardrums. The band and their music is a collection of people and memories singer-songwriter Asa Taccone has picked up along the way of his long, circuitous journey towards completion of the band's first album, Mondo. This nomadic quality is felt in their songs that take surprising, symphonic twists and turns that are never jarring as Asa's rich, R&B-style vocals guide you smoothly, dreamily through their unique chord and movement changes. Electric Guest is comprised of Asa Taccone, from Berkeley, California and Cornbread (unfortunately, legally Matthew Compton), from Danville, Virginia. When they play live, they pick up three friends to fill out the complex instrumentation: Asa plays several instruments, Cornbread nearly a dozen. Asa had a fortuitous encounter with Brian Burton (better known as Danger Mouse, famed music producer behind Gnarls Barkley, Gorrillaz, Broken Bells, among many others). Brian liked what he heard and asked Asa to keep sending him stuff, which he wisely did. Over several years, the two formed a strong working relationship, Asa contributing his music production skills to many of Danger Mouse's projects. Then one day in 2007, Danger Mouse asked him to do a record. They revised Asa's many tracks, eventually whittling the number down to a realistic 10 songs that comprise this album. One journalist described their music as "a mutant -- albeit somewhat cleaned and electronic --'60s garage thing," likening the sound to The Troggs, The Seeds, and The Zombies. Cornbread admits that those bands were a great influence on them but their inspirations are impossible to nail down as they both appreciate and have worked in every genre of music: both having worked for years on various albums and music for film and television (Asa hides an Emmy somewhere for his work on Saturday Night Live's "Dick In A Box"). With such an eclectic mix of instruments and influences, it's hard to nail down the sound of Electric Guest, but Asa insists that it's ultimately pop music, disclosing, "I have a sweet tooth for terrible music so I won't even say what I'm influenced by."